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SF Signal Podcast

Just a quick update: The new SF Signal podcast is an interview with our editors–John Klima, Lynne M. Thomas, and Michael Damian Thomas–about Glitter & Mayhem!

The editors were at the SE WI Festival of Books over the weekend and we got together and packed up most of the Kickstarter rewards. Now we just need to talk to the post office about the best ways to handle several hundred packages (although Matt Forbeck had a great idea that we’re looking into).

Finally, if you’re in the Chicago area–or could be–on Tuesday October 1, you should go to the Tuesday Funk Reading Series for their Glitter & Mayhem edition. Contributors Maurice Broaddus, Kyle S. Johnson, William Shunn, and Laura Chavoen will be there along with editor John Klima.

And don’t forget, you can pick up a copy of this book just about anywhere you shop for books!


More Skating Photos

Here are two more skating photos from LOCUS. (hopefully we’ll have a photo of our book launch in the next issue!) There are more photos coming, but we’re going through them to pick out the best ones.


Artist Galen Dara (holding a fan and glitter) and editor Lynne M. Thomas show what Glitter & Mayhem is all about! Photo by Liza Groen Trombi

If you’re wondering, we’ll be packaging up backer rewards the weekend of September 20-22 and getting them in the mail by the end of the month.


From left to right: Vylar Kaftan, Rachel Swirsky, Michael Damian Thomas, John Klima, Maurice Broaddus, Daryl Gregory, Lynne M. Thomas, and Galen Dara. Photo by Liza Groen Trombi

Worldcon Wrapup

Worldcon was a blast. So many fun things happened, so much glitter, so much mayhem. We took advantage of the fact that the amazing Galen Dara was going to be there so that we could get her to sign cover prints (one of the backer rewards). Here are the prints:


They turned out really nice. Galen was very happy with the quality of the prints, so we’re sure those backers will be, too.

It’s exciting to be so close to sharing all this amazing stuff with our supporters. How close? The three editors are going to be at the Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books the weekend of September 20-22, so they’ll be packing up rewards at that time.

Worldcon was also the official launch of the book and we hosted that party at San Antonio’s Rollercade. For an event not within walking distance of the convention, we had a great turnout! All told we had about 40 people there, including a whole bunch of the editors and contributors to the book: John Klima, Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas, Galen Dara, Rachel Swirsky, Daryl Gregory, Maurice Broaddus, and Vylar Kaftan.

LOCUS magazine was even there, mostly skating, but also taking photos, so watch the next issue for pictures! People were really excited about skating and got dressed up in their best roller gear:


Galen and Lynne were particularly shiny and inadvertently recreated the cover during a glow skate:


It was a blast. Not everyone skated, but everyone had fun. Between seeing how amazing the book looks and how much fun the launch was, we knew that we had done a really cool thing in making this book. We’re so glad for the supporters who helped make it happen. We wish all of you could have been there!

The last cool thing that happened at Worldcon that was related to Glitter & Mayhem was that Galen won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist! She was certain she had no shot, but we knew better. Look at that smile:


There were so many cool new people that we met during the course of the convention that we couldn’t hope to mention them all. Just know that you’re fabulous and glittery.

Glitter & Mayhem Final Cover and Table of Contents!

Glitter and Mayhem cover art by Galen Dara

Art copyright 2013 Galen Dara

Editors John Klima, Lynne M. Thomas, and Michael Damian Thomas, in partnership with Apex Publications are proud to present the finalized cover art and full table of contents for Glitter & Mayhem!

Table of Contents

Introduction by Amber Benson
“Sister Twelve: Confessions of a Party Monster” by Christopher Barzak
“Apex Jump” by David J. Schwartz
“With Her Hundred Miles to Hell” by Kat Howard
“Star Dancer” by Jennifer Pelland
“Of Selkies, Disco Balls, and Anna Plane” by Cat Rambo
“Sooner Than Gold” by Cory Skerry
“Subterraneans” by William Shunn & Laura Chavoen
“The Minotaur Girls” by Tansy Rayner Roberts
“Unable to Reach You” by Alan DeNiro
“Such & Such Said to So & So” by Maria Dahvana Headley
“Revels in the Land of Ice” by Tim Pratt
“Bess, the Landlord’s Daughter, Goes for Drinks with the Green Girl” by Sofia Samatar
“Blood and Sequins” Diana Rowland
“Two-Minute Warning” by Vylar Kaftan
“Inside Hides the Monster” by Damien Walters Grintalis
“Bad Dream Girl” by Seanan McGuire
“A Hollow Play” by Amal El-Mohtar
“Just Another Future Song” by Daryl Gregory
“The Electric Spanking of the War Babies” by Maurice Broaddus & Kyle S. Johnson
“All That Fairy Tale Crap” Rachel Swirsky

Step behind the velvet rope of these fabulous Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror tales of roller rinks, nightclubs, glam aliens, party monsters, drugs, sex, glitter, and debauchery.

Dance through nightclubs, roller derby with cryptids and aliens, be seduced by otherworldly creatures, and ingest cocktails that will alter your existence forever.

Over 120,000 words of brand new fiction from some of the best writers in the business are ready to bring you the most glamorous parties in the multiverse.

We’re waiting.

Preorders available via Apex Publications.


Holy sparklers! We’ve been funded!

The final tally: 479 backers for $15,740 and 104% funding! (see below for our progress bar)

That means a whole bunch of things…starting with the Seanan McGuire story. It’s been edited and we’re formatting it right now. For anyone who pledged $50 or more on the Kickstarter, you’ll be getting a link so that you can go download the story in the format of your choice (as long as you choose among PDF, epub, or mobi).

Then there’s the submissions. We’ve got a start on the table of contents, but there are other submissions out there, too. The deadline for everyone is March 15. Then we can make final decisions and edit the book.

We’ve got t-shirts and mugs to design and make. Our Kickstarter backers will be getting emails tomorrow so that we can get some information from them (and some of the levels had choices so we need to know what you want).

If we’re going to launch the book at Worldcon this August, it will  be a race against the clock. But given the team we’ve got working on it, I know we can get it done.

Thank you all so so much for the support. This doesn’t happen without you.

Lynne, Michael, and John

The Progress of a Kickstarter Campaign

The Progress of a Kickstarter Campaign

Q&A with Tansy Rayner Roberts

1. What about the theme drew you to the anthology?

Rollerskates! Glamour! I’ve been a teeny bit wild about roller derby since I read Derby Girl by Shauna Cross (the book that was turned into the awesome Whip It! movie) and this anthology just sounded so exciting to be part of.

2. We’re often told to write what we know. Did you draw your G&M story from your own nightlife experiences?

I was totally at a private party at a club on Saturday night, dressed as Batgirl, and watching Iron Man dance up a storm with Poison Ivy… though for full disclosure I feel I have to admit that most of the people at said party were 30 and 40 somethings telling each other that ‘we don’t get out much these days since the kids.’

It was still pretty awesome, though, and we had superhero cocktails. “The Fury” was a most excellent concoction. Also this is where I discovered that Long Island Iced Tea has no tea in it.

3. What’s your favorite way to make life more glittery?

Killer playlists! Everything is glitter when there’s a solid soundtrack going. I’m just getting back into using music when I write, something I learned back in my early nanowrimo days, and it makes the typing so much more fun!

Also, I have to say, don’t discount the usefulness of actual glitter.

4. If you had to create a cocktail that reflected your story, what would it be?

Is there some way to add vodka to an icecream sundae? Oh, how about the ‘Crash Course’ – you take a pina colada and keep adding lemon sherbert until it explodes. THAT.

5. If you knew you were up for a surreal evening, what and whom do you bring with you, and why?

My iPhone for documentation and communication, a pair of comfortable shoes, and Wonder Woman. Unless the evening is zombie themed in which case I would take a handbag full of carnivorous plants.

Q&A with Bill Shunn

1. What about the theme drew you to the anthology?
Who doesn’t love rollerskating and nightclubs and drugs and sex and debauchery?  Who didn’t enjoy copious amounts of them all in those gloden days of youth?  Well, um, I guess I didn’t.  I was a Mormon.  Okay, I did rollerskate, but I felt guilty about it.
2. We’re often told to write what we know. Did you draw your G&M story from your own nightlife experiences?
I love to write things that I don’t actually know.  My clubbing experience was pretty much limited to once seeing Gene Loves Jezebel play at Club DV8 in Salt Lake City, and I was terrified for my soul the whole time.  My story is actually about slippery souls in Chicago clubs of the ’80s, which is why I’m writing it with my wife Laura Chavoen.  She’s the one who knows exactly what that scene was like.
3. What’s your favorite way to make life more glittery?
I go to a comfortable bar with my wife and friends and drink classic-style cocktails until a glittery haze drapes everyone and everything in sight.  Templeton Rye is involved.
4.  If you had to create a cocktail that reflected your story, what would it be?
It would be a little sweet, a little bitter, a lot sour, and orangey-pink through and through.  It would consist of Laird’s Applejack, Clément Créole Shrubb Liqueur d’Orange, pomegranate juice, Peychaud’s bitters, and probably a twist of lemon.  It would be, in fact, the same cocktail I created in the video footage we shot for the book trailers.  I’d call it a “Glitter & Madness.”
5. If you knew your were up for a surreal evening, what and whom do you bring with you, and why?
I bring Laura because I wouldn’t want her to miss it, and because I know one of us will get the other one home safely.  And so we can all talk about this evening for years to come, I bring John and Shai and Ashir and Gretchen and Andrew and Cinnamon and Colin and Barbara Lynn and Norm and Rachel and Kevin and Mare and…

Glitter & Mayhem Now Open to Submissions

We hit 50% funding thanks to all our wonderful backers! That means we’re now open to submissions! You can find all the details on our Submissions page.

If you have questions, please post them in the comments.

We can’t wait to see what you create. Surprise us. Amaze us. Dazzle us.

50% Off Tuckerizations

As we head into our last twelve days, we decided we wanted to throw a 50% off sale on our Tuckerizations. You already know how great our line-up is, but check out the list of authors who will take your name and write you into their story:

  • Alan DeNiro
  • Amal El-Mohtar
  • Daryl Gregory
  • Damien Walters Grintalis
  • Maria Dahvana Headley
  • Jennifer Pelland
  • Tim Pratt
  • Cat Rambo
  • Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • Diana Rowland
  • David J. Schwartz
  • William Shunn

There’s only one available of each of these, so act fast! At $250 we don’t expect them to last long.

As an added bonus, backing Glitter & Madness at this level includes an invitation for you and a guest to the book release party during Lone Star Con III (Worldcon) at San Antonio, TX’s own roller rink: The Rollercade. While we’d love to fly you there, you’ll have to get yourself to the convention.

Don’t forget! At 50% funding we open to submissions and at 75% funding we’ll have a preview of the cover. (and there’s a cool sekrit project we’re working on that we’ll talk about more later in the week)

Glitter & Mayhem Will Open to Submissions When It Reaches 50% Funding on Kickstarter!

Glitter & Mayhem: The Speculative Nightclub Anthology is looking for a few glamorous stories.

As you know, we’ve got fabulous work from amazing writers like Alan DeNiro, Amal El-Mohtar, Daryl Gregory, Damien Walters Grintalis, Maria Dahvana Headley, Kat Howard, Seanan McGuire, Jennifer Pelland, Tim Pratt, Cat Rambo, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Diana Rowland, Sofia Samatar, David J. Schwartz, and William Shunn.

But what about you? You’re glamorous, right? We bet you have a dazzling idea for a story, don’t you? You probably even know the prompt by heart:

Roller Derby, nightclubs, glam aliens, (literal) party monsters, drugs, sex, glitter, debauchery, etc.

Well, if you aren’t already writing, you should start now!

Here’s the details you’ve been waiting for:

  1. We’re opening to submissions (there are multiple slots open) when the Kickstarter reaches 50% funding.
  2. The max word limit is 6000 with a deadline of March 15 (you know, beware the Ides yadda yadda yadda).
  3. We’re paying $.05 per word.
  4. You’ll have the chance to be edited by Hugo Award-winning editors and be in a ToC with awesome authors (see above).

We can’t wait to see what you create. Surprise us. Amaze us. Dazzle us.