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SF Signal Podcast

Just a quick update: The new SF Signal podcast is an interview with our editors–John Klima, Lynne M. Thomas, and Michael Damian Thomas–about Glitter & Mayhem!

The editors were at the SE WI Festival of Books over the weekend and we got together and packed up most of the Kickstarter rewards. Now we just need to talk to the post office about the best ways to handle several hundred packages (although Matt Forbeck had a great idea that we’re looking into).

Finally, if you’re in the Chicago area–or could be–on Tuesday October 1, you should go to the Tuesday Funk Reading Series for their Glitter & Mayhem edition. Contributors Maurice Broaddus, Kyle S. Johnson, William Shunn, and Laura Chavoen will be there along with editor John Klima.

And don’t forget, you can pick up a copy of this book just about anywhere you shop for books!


More Skating Photos

Here are two more skating photos from LOCUS. (hopefully we’ll have a photo of our book launch in the next issue!) There are more photos coming, but we’re going through them to pick out the best ones.


Artist Galen Dara (holding a fan and glitter) and editor Lynne M. Thomas show what Glitter & Mayhem is all about! Photo by Liza Groen Trombi

If you’re wondering, we’ll be packaging up backer rewards the weekend of September 20-22 and getting them in the mail by the end of the month.


From left to right: Vylar Kaftan, Rachel Swirsky, Michael Damian Thomas, John Klima, Maurice Broaddus, Daryl Gregory, Lynne M. Thomas, and Galen Dara. Photo by Liza Groen Trombi

Worldcon Wrapup

Worldcon was a blast. So many fun things happened, so much glitter, so much mayhem. We took advantage of the fact that the amazing Galen Dara was going to be there so that we could get her to sign cover prints (one of the backer rewards). Here are the prints:


They turned out really nice. Galen was very happy with the quality of the prints, so we’re sure those backers will be, too.

It’s exciting to be so close to sharing all this amazing stuff with our supporters. How close? The three editors are going to be at the Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books the weekend of September 20-22, so they’ll be packing up rewards at that time.

Worldcon was also the official launch of the book and we hosted that party at San Antonio’s Rollercade. For an event not within walking distance of the convention, we had a great turnout! All told we had about 40 people there, including a whole bunch of the editors and contributors to the book: John Klima, Lynne M. Thomas, Michael Damian Thomas, Galen Dara, Rachel Swirsky, Daryl Gregory, Maurice Broaddus, and Vylar Kaftan.

LOCUS magazine was even there, mostly skating, but also taking photos, so watch the next issue for pictures! People were really excited about skating and got dressed up in their best roller gear:


Galen and Lynne were particularly shiny and inadvertently recreated the cover during a glow skate:


It was a blast. Not everyone skated, but everyone had fun. Between seeing how amazing the book looks and how much fun the launch was, we knew that we had done a really cool thing in making this book. We’re so glad for the supporters who helped make it happen. We wish all of you could have been there!

The last cool thing that happened at Worldcon that was related to Glitter & Mayhem was that Galen won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist! She was certain she had no shot, but we knew better. Look at that smile:


There were so many cool new people that we met during the course of the convention that we couldn’t hope to mention them all. Just know that you’re fabulous and glittery.