Holy sparklers! We’ve been funded!

The final tally: 479 backers for $15,740 and 104% funding! (see below for our progress bar)

That means a whole bunch of things…starting with the Seanan McGuire story. It’s been edited and we’re formatting it right now. For anyone who pledged $50 or more on the Kickstarter, you’ll be getting a link so that you can go download the story in the format of your choice (as long as you choose among PDF, epub, or mobi).

Then there’s the submissions. We’ve got a start on the table of contents, but there are other submissions out there, too. The deadline for everyone is March 15. Then we can make final decisions and edit the book.

We’ve got t-shirts and mugs to design and make. Our Kickstarter backers will be getting emails tomorrow so that we can get some information from them (and some of the levels had choices so we need to know what you want).

If we’re going to launch the book at Worldcon this August, it will  be a race against the clock. But given the team we’ve got working on it, I know we can get it done.

Thank you all so so much for the support. This doesn’t happen without you.

Lynne, Michael, and John

The Progress of a Kickstarter Campaign

The Progress of a Kickstarter Campaign

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